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Paula Ryan Wrap Dress- Black



Paula Ryan Wrap Dress- Black

This Side Wrap Dress is one of the new Bodywear range of garments. The cut is modern using draping techniques we have mastered to create formed shapes that are uber sophisticated.

8791 Side Wrap Dress DRESS Length Neck to hem (Back): XS=98.4 S=99.2 M=100 L=100.8 XL=101.6 2XL=102.4 3XL=103.2 Bust Circumference: XS=91 S=94 M=100 L=106 XL=112 2XL=118 3XL= 124 Waist Circumference: XS=69.5 S=72.5 M=78.5 L=84.5 XL=90.5 2XL= 96.5 3XL=102.5 Hem Circumference: XS=92.5 S=95.5 M=101.5 L=107.5 XL=113.5 2XL= 119.5 3XL= 125.5 Shoulder to Shoulder (Across Back): XS=34.8 S= 35.6 M= 37.2 L=38.8 XL=40.4 2XL=42 3XL= 43.6 Sleeve Length (Head to Hem): XS=58.6 S=58.9 M=59.6 L=60.3 XL=61 2XL=61.7 3XL=62.4


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